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Queaders Book Club


A few CBQ members with a passion for reading and quilting, decided to form a book club.  In September 2011, the fun began.  But we had to decide on a name….Queaders Corner was stitched together by putting Quilting and Readers together to form QUEADERS.

We meet on the third Thursday of each month, from 11:30-1pm., with lunch in hand, to discuss a book chosen by a “hostess”.  The group usually meets in a corner or because we have grown, a large table or 3, in   Wegman’s Café, 14801 Dining Way, Woodbridge, VA 22191.   Questions are prepared and the discussion begins.  The book is rated 1-5 books, by each member in the group.  The book review is submitted to the CBQ newsletter for others who may not be able to attend to follow along.  There are no hard and fast rules, except for one….No blood, gore or horror.  At the beginning of the year, names are chosen for the month they will hostess and chose a book for the up coming year.  The book club is open to all…we currently have 20 members.