Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival Challenge

Challenge quilts are a way to explore a theme in a small quilt. Each year the Cabin Branch Quilters and Stonehouse Quilters vote on a theme for the challenge. Themes are broad and open-ended to allow creativity free rein.  Challenge rules are simple: Quilts must be a certain size, have a backing, batting and top and have a connection to the theme. They must also have a 6”sleeve for hanging and be registered in our quilt show database by the first week in January. However, they do not have to be completed until February, before the Mid-Atlantic Show. The Challenge quilts hang in that show and are then brought back to go on display in our guild show. The quilts remain with the challenge coordinator to be sent out to the World Quilt Show in New Hampshire in August and the Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza in September. Quilts are also displayed at Arts Alive! At the Hylton Center for the Performing Arts in Prince William County in May and may be scheduled for other exhibits.

2017's Quilt Challenge: 

Theme -“Colors”

Size- 22” X 28”  Portrait orientation

Indicate You Will Be Doing a Challenge- Dec. 15, 2016

Database Registration- January 10, 2017

Turn in- Feb. 15, 2017

For this years challenge you must pick a color and use only that color and black and/or white – no gray… unless that is the color you choose. However – you are not limited to a single color in the palette. You may use all shades, tints and variations of your color. For example – if you choose green you can mix everything from pale green to olive to Kelly to hunter. If you go for red, you can use everything from pastel pink to harlot scarlet. You can use solids, tone on tone prints or prints with black and white. You may NOT use any print that contains colors other than your chosen one. For example, if blue is your color, you can use batiks in all shades of blue, but NOT if there are spots of purple or any other color other than blue. Embellishments are fine, but they must also be in your color palette.

1. A six (6) inch sleeve must be sewn to the top of your quilt.  No safety pins to secure sleeve will be accepted.
2. Size must be 22" wide x 28" long.
In order to obtain a uniform exhibition at major quilt shows these rules must be observed.  Failure to do so will keep your quilt from being displayed at these venues.

Important Note:

Challenge quilts must be in the quilt show database by Jan. 10, 2017.  Quilts not entered will NOT be shown at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show or the Cabin Branch/Stonehouse Quilt Show.            

For more information, contact Jill Sheehan  at 703-361-3695 or email her at 4sheehan4@comcast.net