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Cabin Branch Quilter's Guild was formed in 1989.

CBQ is named after the Cabin Branch Mining Company. In the late 1800s, pyrite was discovered about three miles up Quantico Creek from the Potomac River. The mine was operated by the Cabin Branch Mining Company, and later the American Agriculture Chemical Company. During its peak years, the mine had three shafts for extracting the ore, two vertical and one inclined. Number three shaft, the deepest, was 2400 feet deep. The mine employed from 200 to 300 workers, including children. There were approximately 70 structures at the mine, in addition to the shafts. The Cabin Branch Mine was, for about 31 years, the basis for the economy of nearby Dumfries. The town of Dumfries had been a thriving port town from it's founding in the 1740s to the end of the decline. Since the 1930s, this site has been part of the Prince William Forest Park and administered by the Department of the Interior. The Cabin Branch Pyrite Mine serves as a reminder of the American dream: making things better for the next generation. The workers sacrificed themselves through hard work to give their families a chance to see some social and economic success. Similarly, the goal of the reclamation effort is to allow future generations to enjoy the recreational and educational opportunities available at Prince William Forest Park.